• Shanghaiguan has been a popular go-to site for tourists visiting China.

Shanghaiguan has been a popular go-to site for tourists visiting China. (Photo : tripwow.tripadvisor.com)

After being dropped from the list of China's top travel destinations, the Shanghaiguan scenic spot administration has launched a series of measures in a bid to revamp the tourist site.

The plan includes the removal of stalls along the Great Wall, the regulation of ticket prices, and the improvement of the area's sanitation.

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Shanghaiguan, a 5A tourist spot along the Great Wall in Hebei, experienced a downgrade for the first time since 2011. The destination was delisted from the roster of best travel destination in the whole of China.

The news came after the National Tourism Administration began to reevaluate the ratings of China's top scenic destinations.

On the eve of Oct. 9, a top official in-charge of Shanghaiguan was dismissed.

The reevaluation is part of a national campaign that aims to enhance tourism in the country.

This same initiative has also warned officials of the Xixi National Wetland Park, which has also been experiencing a number of problems recently.

Reports have surfaced that the park has had troubles with safety, unprofessional tour guides and poor management of vendors.

The park was given six months to address the said issues.

According to the park's authorities, they will initiate an intensive campaign that will rectify the flaws identified by the recent evaluation. The campaign will last for three months.

Park officials shared that among the proposed measures are the regulation of the area's tour guides and the improvement of the tourist spot's sanitation. As well, the management will look into enhancing the park's safety facilities and equipment.