• China needs a constellation of satellites for these deeper space explorations.

China needs a constellation of satellites for these deeper space explorations. (Photo : China Meteorological Administration)

China's space experts are eyeing to go deeper into the solar system as they consider to do beyond moon explorations.

An official recently spoke during a conference on deep-space exploration held in Harbin, the capital of the province of Heilongjiang, urging scientists to rekindle their pioneering spirit.

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"When exploring the unknown, we should not just follow others. China should be more creative," said Liu Jizhong, the director of the State Administration of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense's lunar exploration program and space engineering center.

Liu also called for the enhancement of global cooperation when it comes to space exploration projects.

"Exploring space is a great undertaking for the whole of humankind, and China should shoulder its responsibilities as a big country. Through international cooperation, we can learn from each other and jointly contribute," the official remarked.

Furthermore, Liu underscored some of the problems the country still needs to address. These include ways on how to go into deep space at a faster pace, generate power and energy, and develop space robots that can help in exploring more complicated space environments.

Recently, some Chinese scientists have been adamant in putting forward the idea of probing the far side of the moon. Though no official plan has been announced, experts have already begun preparing the needed technologies.

According to Zhang Lihua, a researcher at the China Spacecast Co., Ltd., this project is of great scientific importance, adding that many countries have already designed their own schemes for the mission.

Lin Yilu, a senior engineer at the Shanghai Aerospace Systems Engineering Institute, said, "If China expands the range of its lunar exploration, such as exploring the south and north poles and the far side of the moon, it needs a constellation of satellites covering different areas of the moon's surface."