• A new Spider-Man 2017 film will be made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe directed by Jon Watts and it stars Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei

A new Spider-Man 2017 film will be made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe directed by Jon Watts and it stars Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei (Photo : Brendan McDermid / Reuters)

The "Spider-Man 2017" movie will have Vulture and Scorpion in the film as well as, Tom Holland sharing new details about his character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"In the Heart of the Sea" star Tom Holland revealed new details on his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in "Captain America: Civil War" and the "Spider-Man 2017" reboot. Holland told HeyUGuys that he had picked up some inspiration from past Spidey actors , Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in order to study the character while creating his own take in the process.

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When asked about whether or nor Maguire and Garfield's performances as Spider-Man will factored into his version, Holland stated stated that "its is impossible not to" and commended that both actors portrayal of the Web-slinger were real and rich. He added that there were some factors that he loved and wished to continue to recreate it as he wanted to present Peter as they same person that audiences and fans loved at the same time showing something new and exciting.

Holland also shared his experience in filming "Captain America: Civil War" last week to which he got into a little accident during a scene. Holland stated that he fell over and bashed his face in front of about two hundred crew members, but nothing serious happened about his condition since the accident.

Spider-Man in "Captain America: Civil War" will likely be joining Tony Stark/Iron Man's (Robert Downey Jr.) side as the latter will provide his web shooters and costume. Spidey's costume will be influence by comic book artist Steve Ditko's design in 1960 complete with the classic fat spider logo and webbed underarms.

In other news, Spider-Man villains Vulture and Scorpion will likely join the 2017 reboot alongside Kraven the Hunter, ComicBookMovie reported. Writer PredatorRIsing stated that having Kraven as the main villain in the film is somewhat ridiculous first choice for Marvel to have in the "Spider-Man 2017" and wanted both Vulture and Scorpion in the film so it will not look awful.

Both Vulture and Scorpion were part of the supposed leaked cast list for the "Spider-Man 2017" as actors Billy Zane (Twin Peaks) and Jason Biggs (American Pie) were listed as the villains in the film. Sadly, screen writers John Francis Daily and Jonathan Goldstein dismissed the rumors, but it did not stop fans from believing that these characters deserved a shot in the big-screen with the new Spider-Man int the MCU.

PredatorRIsing added that Marvel should have better and deserving actors to portray Vulture, Scorpion and Kraven in the MCU as the writer suggested that "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston should portray Adrian Toomes/Vulture, while "American Sniper" actor Keir O'Donnell should be Marc Gargan/Scorpion and Kraven the Hunter should be portrayed by "Fast & Furious 6" star Luke Evans.

Spider-Man will appear first in "Captain America: Civil War" on May 6, 2016 and his new solo film on July 28, 2017.