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Chinese President Xi Jinping is scheduled to visit Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for the upcoming 9th G20 Summit that will be held in Brisbane, Australia, on Nov. 15 and 16.

Xi will also meet with leaders from Pacific island countries that have diplomatic relations with China in Fiji.

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According to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the summit's priority is for countries to attain economic growth. They will focus on the basics of the subject, which will include topics on the infrastructure gap happening worldwide, tax issues on global companies and the numbers needed in the workforce.

Abbot added that one priority for the event is to cement the G20 Summit's goal of increasing the participating countries' combined economic growth by 2%, two steps higher than the previously set target for the next five years.

A researcher from the China Society of Macroeconomics (CSM) said that China's priority in the upcoming summit is to achieve mutual development using a new set of economic and political framework.

Meanwhile, some reports say that an anti-corruption agreement is expected to be signed during the G20 Summit. However, according to Transparency International, China has no plan to cooperate in such agreement.

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said that Xi intends to cooperate in the agreement.

"China takes an active part in the G20 anti-corruption cooperation. We believe that the G20 should step up cooperation in judicial assistance, seizure of fugitives and their illegal proceeds and retrieval of assets," Hong told the media on Thursday.

Hong said that he shares all the leaders' hope that consensus in anti-corruption and other mentioned topics will be closed during the upcoming G20 Summit.