• Sacramento Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins dunks the ball over the Boston Celtics in a game last season.

Sacramento Kings forward DeMarcus Cousins dunks the ball over the Boston Celtics in a game last season. (Photo : Getty Images)

Sacramento Kings' franchise center DeMarcus Cousins had been the subject of trade rumors since May and it looks like all the speculations will be carried over into the regular season. A list of NBA predictions was recently published online and one forecast said that Boogie will head to Boston before the trade deadline next year.

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An article by Sebastian Quinn at The Roar enumerated "15 not so outrageous predictions for the 2015-16 NBA season" and perhaps one of the most interesting in the list is his supposition that Cousins will bolt out of Sacramento in the middle of the season to join the Celtics and finally give Danny Ainge and company a star player.

Quinn also predicted that the "experiment with George Karl goes wrong" and "Rajon Rondo continues to cause trouble" with the "Kings losing games despite DeMarcus Cousins averaging near triple-double numbers."

While the Kings' 111-104 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night is too early an indication when it comes to the overall course of the team's season, it should be noted that Sacramento officials were clashing about the possibility of trading the franchise's best player ever since the offseason began so it is not a far-off idea.

Rumors of Cousins being dealt to the Los Angeles Lakers or the Celtics were abounding all summer. Reportedly, head coach Karl wanted to trade him while general manager Vlade Divac would like to keep him.

Actually, there were trade rumors as early as February, as disclosed by Dan Feldman's write-up at NBC Sports' Pro Basketball Talk. Feldman mentioned that there could be "voices" in Cousins' ear "working against the new coach."

However, reports were also out that both player and coach have patched things between them and are said to be looking forward to turning things around for the franchise this season.

Rondo has not caused any trouble lately and did not complain about Darren Collison having more playing time at point guard than him last Wednesday, so it is looking good so far for Sacramento.