• CM Punk is part of the playable roster of characters in the upcoming "UFC 2" video game.

CM Punk is part of the playable roster of characters in the upcoming "UFC 2" video game. (Photo : Instagram)

Whether good or bad; online or in person; mixed martial arts fans always have something to say with regard to soon-to-be debuting fighter CM Punk

Ever since the former WWE Champion signed with the UFC, a lot of people - diehard and casual fans alike - shared their opinions about a ton of things.

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This is one of the reasons why Phil Brooks, Punk's real name, is one of the most polarizing characters in and out of the squared circle.

He's a guy who's always out to prove doubters wrong, a special individual who will do anything to defy the odds. That is, according to this former WWE colleague-turned-MMA heavyweight, Bobby Lashley.

"He likes to be that underdog," Lashley said of Punk. "He's a hard worker and a hard fighter. He's put himself in a good position. He went up to Duke Roufus' camp and some of the guys that train with him up there say that he's busting his ass."

Ben Askren, one of Punk's teammates at Roufusport, also spoke highly about his famous teammate, his undeniable work ethic, and what sets him apart from the rest.

"He's in the gym all the time and he's training all the time, so that would sure be a lot of effort to put into a publicity stunt," Askren shared. "You'd think if it was a publicity stunt he'd maybe show up once a week or once a month."

The ONE Championship titleholder continued: "Success is a skill and the guy has been super successful in another field. So I don't think there's any reason why he can't be successful at this one."

At the end of the day, injured shoulder or not, it's still in CM Punk's hands if he can really rise up to the occasion and continue to bite at the prospect of conquering this new challenge.

Lashley sums it up best as he highlights a different perspective on the chances of CM Punk in the UFC.

"He's not the Brock Lesnar's, The Rock's, the big, massive guys or anything like that, and he overcame a whole bunch of odds to become almost one of the best wrestlers in history. That's one thing that I can say about Punk is that Punk likes to overcome odds."