• Karma announced a new unlimited data plan for only $50.

Karma announced a new unlimited data plan for only $50. (Photo : Reuters)

New York-based startup company Karma recently released a new unlimited plan for its Karma Go hotspot device. With this new plan, instead of paying $14 per gigabyte and worry about monthly data cap, the new unlimited plan will provide unlimited data for only $50 a month.

There is a catch though, the new unlimited plan called Neverstop will have a speed threshold of 5Mbps for download and upload speeds on the Sprint LTE network. Despite this limit in speeds, many were still enthusiastic about the unlimited data part of the plan. Now, users do not need to worry about reaching their monthly data allowance and will be at peace regarding additional charges once they consume additional data when once they reach their cap.

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Karma's initial data offering will still be available and will be rebranded to Refuel. With Refuel, Karma users will be rewarded 100MB of free data every time a user connects to a shared hotspot, according to Forbes.

Karma CEO Steven van Wel told Engadget in an interview, "We've been thinking from the start, pay-as-you-go is a good model if you don't use it [Karma] too often. But slowly, as we come bigger, that model tends to become expensive."

Van Wel added that he has been thinking about launching an unlimited data plan for Karma. The only hindrance then was the time it takes to build all the necessary software in order to manage this kind of service. Moreover, the company needs time to find and negotiate a reliable network partner. Regarding the limited download and upload speeds, van Wel said that this will be fixed in the future as Sprint is also on the process of upgrading its network.