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Fiji (Photo : Reuters)

Film Fiji has announced that the Chinese reality television show titled "Where Are We Going, Daddy?" will be shot in Fiji, Fiji Village reported.

Based on the South Korean reality show of a similar title," Where Are We Going, Daddy?" features Asian celebrity fathers who are taken on an adventure through exotic and rural places with their child. The father-and-son duos compete in a treasure hunt with the help of clues hidden in several locations.

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During its first season, "Where Are We Going, Daddy?" attracted 75 million viewers per week, nabbing the title as the highest rated show on Chinese television. Its film adaptation became the highest non-3D Chinese film debut to earn over 307.76 million yuan ($50 million) in its first four days of release.

The upcoming second season of the series broadcast on Hunan Television will be filmed entirely in Fiji as the producers have chosen the Western and Northern Divisions as shoot locations.

About 350 Chinese cast and crew members have already arrived in Fiji for the production. The film adaptation of the second season of "Where Are We Going, Daddy?" is set to be released in early 2015 not only in China but also in 10 other major film markets.

Meanwhile, Brooke Shields has recently revealed how her mother Teri Shields enjoyed drinking on the set of "The Blue Lagoon" in Fiji with the mostly Australian crew of the 1980 film, Daily Life has learned.

In her new memoir titled "There Was a Little Girl," Shields wrote: "The Aussies knew how to party, so my mom fit right in."

While her mother was drinking, the then 14-year-old actress managed to relax during filming without having to worry about her mother who was constantly disappearing.

At the time, Shields enjoyed swimming, cracking open coconuts and drinking kava in Fiji as well as having fun with her co-actor, Christopher Atkins.

On the other hand, Shields revealed that she started feeling anxious again as soon as they finished filming "The Blue Lagoon" in Fiji because she would be alone with her mother's alcoholism yet again.

"The Blue Lagoon" was nominated as Best Major Motion Picture for Family Entertainment in Young Artist Awards with Shields as Best Young Actress in a Major Motion Picture and Atkins as Best Young Actor in a Major Motion Picture.