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Australia v New Zealand - 1st Test: Day 3 (Photo : Getty Images)

The skies over Cape Town in South Africa looked like flying saucers on Sunday which scared residents who thought it was the sign of an upcoming alien invasion.

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The incident happened a day after California residents were also puzzled by white lights in the night sky which some thought were signs of extraterrestrial life, reports The New York Daily News. However, the U.S. Navy eventually admitted it was a secret testing of missiles.

 The scare made some South Africans share their thoughts on social media.

One resident wrote on Instagram, "Right now above my head! The strangest most amazing UFO shaped clouds." Another resident added, "The cloud looks like a tornado in pause mode ... Really very weird skies today."

CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam explains it is just a natural phenomenon known as lenticular clouds which happened also in October. Russian photographer Vladimir Voychuk spotted lenticular clouds hovering over the volcanoes of Kamchakta in eastern Russia. The clouds had the appearance of space ship which many Russians also mistook for a UFO.

To assure South African residents, Van Dam teasingly wrote on his Facebook page, "Have you seen the alien space craft hovering over the mother city today? Fear not! You are NOT about to be abducted."

National Geographic adds that lenticular clouds form when strong, moist winds blow over rough terrains such as mountains or valleys. The clouds were spotted hovering over the 1,066-meter Table Mountain.