• UFO Sightings and Alien News: UFO and baby Alien allegedly found in California

UFO Sightings and Alien News: UFO and baby Alien allegedly found in California (Photo : Reuters)

An ugly creature allegedly believed to be a baby alien was found dead in San Jose California.

The occurrence happened hours after Californians reported a UFO over the state. Despite confirmation from the Navy that the UFO was a hoax, a woman was said to have found the hideous creature, after which she took photos and posted them on social media that trended later on.

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The images were originally posted on Facebook by Californian woman Gianna Peponis

"I wasn't gonna post this," Gianna Peponis posted on her Facebook page "but I can't stop trying to figure out wtf this thing is. I heard something scream at like 11.30 last night and went out on my side yard and found this thing. It was dead when I found it..."

According to the Daily Star, the photo appeared on the website Reddit with the caption "friend found this outside her house Wtf indeed..."

Earlier this week, the Navy had confirmed that the bright streaks of light seen in California was not a UFO-related occurrence, Australian Network News reported. They had a missile test off the coast, and the bright light came from the unarmed missile. Despite their confirmation, the photos of the hideous creature stirred reactions all over the world as theories and speculations circulated on social media.

Many believed the ugly creature was an alien. However, some viewed the unusual occurrence as an evil omen.

UFO enthusiasts accused the government of a cover-up, saying that the bright light cone was an alien UFO and that the corpse was proof.

Meanwhile, Twitter users as well have retweeted the photos and the story, coming up with more theories about UFOs and aliens.