• Brandon Routh is Ray Palmer in "Arrow."

Brandon Routh is Ray Palmer in "Arrow." (Photo : Twitter/@warnerbrostv)

Ray Palmer is set to return from the death realm in "Arrow" Season 4 Episode 6.

"Arrow" Season 4 Episode 6 is entitled "Lost Souls." According to Spoilers Guide, Episode 6 would see Felicity Smoak become worried when she discovered that Palmer was not dead and was being captured by Damien Darhk. Smoak would feel guilty, since she was not able to find Palmer as soon as possible. This would create tension between her and Oliver Queen.

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The next "Arrow" episode would also see Sara Lance work hand in hand with the team, along with Laurel Lance and Thea Queen, on a mission to rescue Palmer. While they were ready to look for Palmer, their mission was threatened by the effects of the Lazarus Pit. Then, Donna Smoak would return to Star City.

Meanwhile, Matt Ryan has reprised his role as John Constantine on "Arrow" Season 4 Episode 5, which was entitled "Haunted." According to Comic Book Resources, Episode 5 had closed some unresolved issues that have existed since Season 1.

Episode 5 saw Oliver discover that Sara was undead when he scrutinized recent deaths. Along with Felicity, they found out that Sara, who was not herself, was looking for Thea and was planning to kill her. Thea was able to escape from Sara's attack and the latter was caught by the team.

Oliver contacted his old friend John Constantine to assist them in recovering Sara's soul. Then, Darhk delegated Captain Lance a new mission, which was to hack a security company with a virus. John Diggle saw his brother's name among the list of people being removed by the hacking virus.

Felicity also found out that Palmer was still alive and Digger discovered that his brother was murdered, since he was a drug pusher. Conklin brought Oliver to Baron Reiter, who let Oliver go. Constantine also forced Oliver to help him find a transcendent object on the island. Constantine also gave warning to Oliver about Reiter's plans and cast a spell on Oliver using the object as safeguard.

"Arrow" Season 4 Episode 5, "Haunted," aired on Nov. 4 while Episode 6, "Lost Souls," airs Nov. 11.