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Female entrepreneurs are making waves in China. Most of them play critical roles in the operation and management of their own businesses, as shown in the 2014 Female Chinese Entrepreneurs Development Report.

China Association of Women Entrepreneurs, at the 2014 International Forum of Outstanding Woman Entrepreneurs in Beijing on Dec. 3, released a new report stating how empowered women entrepreneurs in the country have become.

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The report showed that the number of businesses owned by women have increased and is continuing to do so.

The report also showed that 66.3 percent of female entrepreneurs possess more than half of the shares in their enterprises, while 46.5 percent own more than 75 percent of the shares. This is a far cry from the past decades. 

Female entrepreneurs also have impressive backgrounds. Compared to the rates in 2009, the percentage of those who attained MAs or PhDs increased by 19 percent.

Enterprises owned by Chinese women often belong to the service industry. Most of them are still privately owned and middle-sized, but their assets can be observed to be growing by leaps and bounds, and their profitability levels are stable across time.

Most of the enterprises are also environmentally friendly, as they have contributed to total emission control of major air pollutants significantly.

According China Association of Women Entrepreneurs president Zhu Rui, female entrepreneurs are playing an increasingly significant role in the market. These women-owned businesses also act as a new force leading to the sustainable development of a robust economy and society. Their development, however, is still slowed down by the lack of resources and some financing difficulties.