• Brandon Routh is Ray Palmer in "Arrow."

Brandon Routh is Ray Palmer in "Arrow." (Photo : Twitter/@warnerbrostv)

Ray Palmer got back from the dead and was captured by Damien Darhk in "Arrow" Season 4 Episode 6.

"Arrow" Season 4 Episode 6 is entitled "Lost Souls." According to Flickering Myth, Palmer had been trapped in a polymer-holding cell by Darhk for months. The publication also said that it had tiny cameras to watch over him.

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Episode 6 saw Felicity Smoak continue her search for Palmer with the help of Curtis Holt. Ray let Smoak know that he had survived the explosion, since his suit had managed to shrink him down to the size of a pea. At the moment, he was being held prisoner and was trying to look for the correct way to set up a device that would return him to his normal size.

Smoak also discovered in the second message that Darhk was the one responsible for detaining Palmer, with the hopes of obtaining the technology from his suit. Holt worked on the device while Darhk threatened Smoak if Palmer did not willfully give his technology. Holt successfully completed the device, which the team used to hunt down Darhk. They were able to save and recover Palmer.

Sara Lance faced a challenge with the bloodlust and opted to leave Star City to gain control. Flashbacks also revealed Baron Reiter sending Oliver Queen to look for another ancient ruin that was invented to give a gift to the former.

Meanwhile, James Bamford is set to steer the ship in "Arrow" Season 4 Episode 7, which is entitled "Brotherhood." According to Spoilers Guide, Episode 7 would see a stunning reveal turn things complicated to Team Green Arrow as they push their fight against big bad Darhk. The episode would also see Thea's bloodlust return and lose control in front of Alex.

"Arrow" Season 4 Episode 6, "Lost Souls," aired on Nov. 11 while Episode 7, "Brotherhood," airs on Nov. 18.