Asian women's online shopping activities are mostly made up of buying things for themselves.

A new report on Asian women's online shopping habits showed that majority are not living up to the image of being selfless and family-focused individuals. 

According to a report entitled "On the Rise and Online: Female Consumers in Asia," women make up the largest online consumer base. They are also the ones driving the growth of online shopping in the region.

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The report was a joint product of the Vipshop Holdings Limited and the Economist Intelligence Unit of the Economist Group. It was designed to show the rising consumer power of female shoppers in Asia by surveying 5,000 women across Asian countries, including China, India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. 

The survey revealed that women prefer to shop online than traditional stores. Among the 5,000 respondents, 63 percent claimed that they go online once a day to look at products and services that they could purchase.

Also, there are 30 percent of women who go online more than twice a day to engage in some shopping activity, whether to just browse or actually purchase products.

Interestingly, the survey revealed that women are buying personal items such as cosmetics, clothing and accessories.

Even though the findings indicated that Asian women are not selfless, the findings revealed that Asian women are now more empowered than the women of previous generations. 

"Women are a unique and important driving force in the Asian market. And at Vipshop, over 80 percent of the accumulative 90 million members are females, who contribute to 90 percent of our sales," said Eric Shen, chairman and CEO of Vipshop.