• Kathryn Dennis From "Southern Charm"

Kathryn Dennis From "Southern Charm" (Photo : Instagram)

"Southern Charm" stars Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis welcomes their second baby St. Julien Rembert Ravenel early this week. The reality star shared the first photo of their newborn on Instagram.

In an interview with People, Dennis shared that they are both excited to be having another child together. She added that they are just ecstatic that their daughter Kensie will finally have someone to play with.

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The Bravo reality star admitted that the pregnancy took her by surprise. Given their on-again, off-again relationship she shared that they were a little blindsided. Dennis, however, said that they both embraced the little bundle of joy.

Ravenel also said that he considers being a father one of the greatest gifts in life. He said that it was a privilege to be Kensie's dad and now that they are having a son he could not be happier.

When asked about Ravenel, Dennis shared that they are "friends."

"We communicate and things are pleasant. That's all I can really hope for," she said.

Some "Southern Charm" fans, however, were not at all happy with Dennis and Ravenel having another baby. They pointed out that the couple should first fix their relationship before bringing a child into the world.

"Very irresponsible of both parents to bring another child into such a volatile, troubled relationship. Neither one of them are worthy of being parents. They're both selfish losers," a netizen said, via Daily Mail.

A few, however, said that they are looking forward to watching the Bravo series again. They speculated that it was only a matter of time before Ravenel and Dennis get back together.