• Chloe Lukasiak and Ricky Garcia

Chloe Lukasiak and Ricky Garcia (Photo : Instagram/realrickygarcia)

"Dance Moms" alum Chloe Lukasiak was recently slammed by fans for being a flirt at such a young age.

The former ALDC team member recently shared a photo of herself sitting on her boyfriend Rick Garcia's lap via Instagram.

Lukasiak shared that the photo was from the upcoming music video of Forever In Your Mind's "Wrapped Up For Christmas."

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However, some fans started slamming the teenager for allegedly having too many PDA moments with her boyfriend.

Some of them even commented that Lukasiak is just 14 and Garcia is 16 which meant that they are both minors.

One Instagram user @valeveline_clock wrote, "Omg!! Sorry. Is there a 14 yrs. Old girl lap sitting on a 17 yrs. Old boy!!?? Omg!! Why do teen said it is goals!!!? It is wrong!! Sorry. Chloe is great. But being with Ricky has honestly harmed her."

Another fan @1thinkabout wrote, "It looks inappropriate even if they aren't technically doing anything.

Meanwhile, there were also some fans who said that nothing is wrong with Lukasiak and Garcia's photo.

Instagram user @miaaaa_._ wrote, "Lol people are talking about age but when you grow up you can date someone 10 years older than you and it be okay? That's so backwards."

Another fan @geenajlee wrote, "I'm not really a Chloe fan but I had a boyfriend and sat on his lap when I was 14 and I'm 17 now and it sure didn't kill me."

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