• Steve Jobs by Danny Boyle

Steve Jobs by Danny Boyle (Photo : Facebook)

Pixar president Ed Catmull believed that Steve Jobs would have been "appalled" with his latest biopic, directed by Danny Boyle.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Catmull called out Aaron Sorkin and Boyle for providing an inaccurate representation of the Apple founder. He pointed out that the people behind the movie chose to emphasize on the dramatic part of his life, even if it failed to tell the entire essence of Jobs' life.

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley also admitted that he had mixed feelings about the movie. He shared that while Jobs would probably like the film, the acting, directing and screenplay, he would have been hurt with how his earlier years was portrayed.

Sculley said that people may leave the theater thinking that they already know everything about Jobs.

"Well guess what? You don't. Because that is not the complete Steve Jobs," he said.

Meanwhile, according to Metro, the new Steve Jobs movie has been pulled out from over 2,000 theaters after it "flopped" in the box office. Although the biopic was off with a good start, earning almost $500,000 when it was initially released to just four screens, it seems like the interest of moviegoers had died down.

The first Steve Jobs biopic, which starred Ashton Kutcher, also did not do well in the box office. The outlet reported the movie received poor reviews from both fans and critics alike.

It, however, made a small profit with a worldwide earning of $35 million on a $12 million budget.