• President Barack Obama asked fellow world leaders to leave a legally-binding legacy.

President Barack Obama asked fellow world leaders to leave a legally-binding legacy. (Photo : YouTube)

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference was utilized by Barack Obama to ask fellow world leaders to leave a legally-binding legacy while the U.S. President noted the remarkable actions being taken by Bill Gates to tackle global warming.

Obama believes that the United Nations should focus on a mechanism in which countries would follow just one transparency process about the reduction of carbon emissions.

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The U.S. president had already left Paris, France for Washington, but only after reminding everyone at the press conference that a treaty should include a significant carbon reduction commitment and several ways of tracking the progress of each nation, according to CNN.

However, one big hurdle that has made the notion of a legally binding mechanism is the fact that the Obama would not get the approval of the congress for such a treaty.

The House of Representatives is currently dominated by the Republican party and had already blocked the proposal of the Environmental Protection Agency to impose greater limits on power plants about carbon dioxide emissions.

Even if Obama would likely veto the decision, the House of Representatives is already a representation of how little the support the U.S. president has in combatting global warming, especially when the next president replaces Obama by November 2016.

Likewise, Obama believes that American citizens would be having another president from the Democratic party to replace him. However, if a non-Democrat succeeds Obama, the current president is still confident that there would be a realization of how being the U.S. president also means being concerned about global problems, including climate change.

Meanwhile, the U.S. president claimed that the increase in global temperatures should inspire scientists, investors and entrepreneurs to do more about climate change.

Obama further cited Bill Gates, who recently announced a multibillion-dollar clean energy project that will be supported by Mark Zuckerberg, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma and Richard Branson, according to ScienceAlert.

The Breakthrough Energy Coalition was revealed by Gates at the GOP 21 event, and the initiative aims to persuade governments, universities, investors and CEOs to invest in sustainable energy instead of fossil fuels.