• Hyundai announced their plans to go head-to-head with Toyota's Prius.

Hyundai announced their plans to go head-to-head with Toyota's Prius. (Photo : Reuters)

Hyundai is upping up their car innovation game as they announce their plans to go head-to-head with Toyota's Prius.

Though the car company is not particularly known for advanced technology on electric cars,  the brand wants to innovate its lineup in 2016, Forbes reported.

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The Ioniq, Hyundai's introductory hybrid car will be available in three versions: Battery Electric (BEV) power-trains, Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) and Hybrid (HEV), according to Yahoo.

Rumors about the South Korean brand's plan for hybrid cars have been circulating for about two years now. It has not been verified until recent leaked photos of the prototypes were leaked. The photos show that the Ioniq will have the same hatchback design as the Toyota Prius but it will incorporate Hyundai's family car design.

Last October, the car company added a new engine for its hybrid models: the 1.6-liter Atkinson cycle. The engine can generate up to 103 horsepower and has 108 lb.-ft. of torque. Hyundai noted that the high pressure direct injection will boost the engine's thermal power. Comparable to Prius, the Ioniq will be 40 percent more efficient.

No details on the battery system has been revealed yet but they might go with the LG Chem, a batter powered by lithium ion. The LG Chem specs are similar to General Motor's Volt.

Aside from the high-end improvements of LG Chem, this could also give Hyundai a boost in terms of cost reduction. It can also help Ioniq reach a 200-mile range.

If Hyundai can successfully launch Ioniq, it will be the very first challenger of Toyota's prized Prius.