• iPhone 6s Appe Store Ad

iPhone 6s Appe Store Ad (Photo : Twitter)

Not everyone is happy with the latest ad from Apple encouraging users to upgrade to the new iPhone 6S. This is more likely a sign that the current smartphone is suffering from low sales.

According to Tech Crunch, Apple surprised owners of iPhone later than iPhone 6. The unsolicited pop-ads are full-screen interstitials. The ad's text read, "iPhone 6S Ridiculously Powerful."

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Below an image of several, multi-colored iPhones, users are offered two choices: "Learn More" or "Upgrade Now."

A number of Apple fans are unhappy with the latest ad. Users took to social media expressing their annoyance on what Apple did. They think that Apple should not use its own App Store app to deliver the ads, according to Cult of Mac.

It seems that there is irony in Apple's move. Apple introduced blocking capabilities in the new iOS 9 operating system, which allows users to control how much mobile ads they were exposed to when using their devices. However, delivering the new ad contradicts that position.

This assertive marketing hinted that iPhone 6S sales is not meeting the expectations of Apple as it is encouraging users to upgrade to the latest handset.

Previous rumors claimed that iPhone 7 will revamp its sensors saying that the device will include the new Force Touch technology. This will allegedly make the screen more sensitive to touch and will yield to easy controls. Other purported features of the handset are DSLR-quality camera, light field imaging, iOS 10 software and A10 processor.

However, Apple has not confirmed nor denied the aforementioned rumors.