As the host of the Second World Internet Conference on Dec. 16, Wuzhen town in Zhejiang Province is in the spotlight. The past year has seen the town go hi-tech. In Wuzhen, you can now see smart bikes, Internet kiosks and hospitals, and you can also visit finance cafe or rural Taobao--cyber-platforms tailored to help local businesses.

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These efforts are part of the town's bid to get onto the "smart" wagon, whether it with regard to tourism, administration or local livelihoods.

With the Internet, Wuzhen has created an official tourism website, a mobile app and other platforms such as a WeChat channel, so that tourists can have an enjoyable and unforgettable travel experience.

These virtual platforms provide audio guides, specialty recommendations and weather forecasts to millions of tourists every year. QR codes enable businesses to receive in-time feedback from customers. The "Internet +" environment is not only helping tourists but local residents too.

Credit: China Daily