• Facebook announces that it will now be offering support for Apple's :Live Photos

Facebook announces that it will now be offering support for Apple's :Live Photos (Photo : YouTube)

Apple Iphone users will now be able to share one of the device\s coolest features with more people Facebook announced that it will now be offering support for the display of Live Photos.

A spokesperson from the social media giant said that they are currently testing the new Live Photos feature with a small number of users and will be rolling it out to a wider group by Monday. The company added that they will be expanding availability even more by next year, PC Mag reported

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Live Photos is one of the new features offered by Apple's new Iphone 6 and 6S models. It lets users capture a short, 3-second video alongside the picture being taken. When the captured photo is then viewed, the included video will then play, creating a GIF-like effect.

While the capturing of Live Photos is an exclusive feature of the Iphone 6 and 6S models, people using older Iphone and Ipad models can still view the images in Live photo mode if they are running iOS 9, which is the latest iteration of Apple's mobile OS.

Uploading a Live Photo from the Facebook iOS app is straightforward though the user has the option to also put it up as a normal image. To view, the user simply has to tap and hold and the clip will play. However, as the feature is exclusive to Apple, those viewing the photo from a desktop browser or from a handset powered by a different OS will only see a static image.

Facebook isn't the first one to offer support for Live Photos. Earlier this month, microblogging site Tumblr also started offering the feature on its iOS app. Meanwhile, stock photo provider Getty Images said it will offer support soon, CNN Philippines reported.