• Ouya will be integrated into Razer Forge TV and will be called Cortex.

Ouya will be integrated into Razer Forge TV and will be called Cortex. (Photo : YouTube)

Ouya, the Android-based microconsole whose funding campaign made waves over Kickstarter, is making a comeback. Gaming accessory manufacturer Razer picked up the Ouya and curated it into a new gaming system called Cortex which can be integrated into the Razer Forge TV platform.

The new Cortex console is available through a software update for the Razer Forge TV. Experts said that Cortex is essentially a rebranded Ouya, as the new system offers the same content that was available on the now forgotten microconsole.

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Razer said that it will develop new content for Cortex. The company is also calling out to content creators to help in developing and creating new content for the system. In terms of content discovery, the new Cortex uses Razor's proprietary Z-Rank algorithm.

According to Tech Spot, the new Cortex store runs parallel to Google Play Store. This means that contents purchased on either one is not transferrable to the other. This is the same case with the Ouya store when it was still active. This appears to be a minor concern right now since Razer Forge TV still offers access to Google Play. However, this could open up problems in the future in case Razer plans to expand its support to other platforms.

Ouya once shocked the tech community after its Kickstarter campaign managed to raise around $8.6 million in campaign funds. Ouya's Kickstarter campaign was backed by more than 63,000 backers. Despite its massive success during its funding campaign, Ouya had a hard time attracting developers into creating content for the platform.

Aside from games, the Forge TV is also capable of streaming contents from HBO Go, Starz Play and Sling TV, according to CNet