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During an era when Chinese tourists--identified as the world's largest tourism market in mid-2014--are the targets of the promotional campaigns of international tourism boards, the National Tourism Administration is ensuring that China's own tourism industry is recognized in the context of future economic growth. 

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In terms of growth, the role of tourism has been defined by corresponding levels of direct investment. The administration anticipates that such investment will be valued at 3 trillion yuan ($483 billion) over the next three-year period.

Additionally, the director of the government body, Li Jinzao, informed the media about additional investment projects that will occur as a result of the initial direct investments. The administration put forward 15 trillion yuan worth of additional investments to add to the Chinese economy during the next three years.

Li spoke on the subject of investment at a tourism work conference for nationwide representatives last week and said: 

"Tourism is not just about consumption. Investment is also an important contributor to growth, and the tourism sector has a large demand for investment."

At a venue in the capital city of Jiangxi Province, the administration head explained that "consumption and exports" will also be beneficially affected by the domestic tourism industry.

As for direct investment in tourism last year, 650 billion yuan, a 22-percent increase upon 2013, was officially documented. Such evidence of tourism's potential stood out in relation to the rest of China's tertiary sector, for which the average growth rate for general investment was 17 percent.

Countryside tourism, grand scenic locations, resorts, and the online market were presented as the major tourism niches that will perform well during the allotted time frame.