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RTR3AUIM_Reuters_EDITED_China_WomenViolence_25NOV12-975x649.jpg (Photo : Reuters )

China's sole national daily newspaper for women, China Women's News, published a list of 10 notable achievements made by women's federations in 2014.

The list includes a free cervical and breast cancer screening project and small loans project as notable examples of achievements that promoted the cause of Chinese women over the course of last year.

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The free cervical and breast cancer screenings were organized by women's federations in partnership with health authorities. At the time that the newspaper's article was announced by the Women of China website on Monday, 38.82 million rural women had benefited from cervical cancer-related activities and 5.62 million rural women had received breast cancer-related support. 

The support provided by the scheme consisted of free breast cancer screenings for 1.2 million rural women; a per capita medical subsidy of 10,000 yuan ($1,614) for over 10,000 women in lower socioeconomic situations who have been diagnosed with cervical or breast cancer; and the provision of 25,000 lectures on preventative information that reached a total of 4.7 million people.

Liu Yiai, from the Shandong Province, was diagnosed with cervical cancer and told the media that the women's federation saved her life.

The Small Loans for Women Project sought to assist underprivileged women in rural China through the dissemination of interest-free small loans to entrepreneurs and small-business-minded people.

Through women's federations, 20.49 billion yuan ($3.31 billion) was lent to women over the course of the first nine months of 2014. The total of all distributed loans was 204.43 billion yuan ($32.94 billion), while almost 4 million women benefited from the project.

Other initiatives in the list included charity events for women and children, the establishment of women's homes and the "Most Beautiful Families" campaign.