• Ford Tricycle Patent

Ford Tricycle Patent (Photo : Twitter )

Ford filed a patent a couple weeks ago for an alternative to adding a bicycle to the trunk of a vehicle, but instead transforms it into an electric unicycle. The self-propelled unicycle could stay in the trunk until the user had to maneuver the vehicle in a crowded downtown area or wanted to go on a special trip.

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Users of the tricycle would just have to detach the back wheel. Then they have to install the kit that provides them with controls and seating to use the electric tricycle, according to Engadget.

The details of the Ford patent are unclear. A smartphone or tablet might be used as a dashboard, and could save fuel and time while allowing people to park farther from their final destination.

The Washington Post points out that the Ford patent looks like a device that appeared in one of the recent Batman movies. Ford's patent application explains that while vehicles are excellent for traveling long distances, they are not effective for navigating in crowded urban areas.

Ford's patent is part of the vehicle unlike a detachable bike rack. It can function on any car or truck with the proper suspension, thus eliminating the need to attach any expensive and inconvenient special devices to the vehicle.

The patent application is not an actual product, and there is no evidence that Ford is working on a prototype, according to Gizmodo. However, the company wants to make sure that no other company has the special feature on its vehicles.