• Jaguar recently unveiled the 2016 F-Pace SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Jaguar recently unveiled the 2016 F-Pace SUV at the Frankfurt Motor Show. (Photo : Reuters)

Automotive company Jaguar Land Rover introduces a new technology that will help lessen road accidents especially towards cyclists and pedestrians. The new project is called Bike Sense and is currently under development.

After the release of its groundbreaking safety -tech Virtual Widescreen, Jaguar Land Rover's research and development division is now developing a new safety project aimed to provide drivers increased awareness for cyclist, motorcyclist and pedestrians. The new tech will use a series of in-car alerts in order to warn drivers of an impending collision.

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 The proposed project will integrate sensors around the car that can distinguish motorbike riders from pedestrians or bicyclist. If the sensor detects a bike rider, the safety system will send out various light, sound and haptic feedbacks to warn the driver. These feedbacks will act in relation to the biker's position with regards to the car, if a bike overtakes from the left side, the feedback will also appear on the left side of the car.

The new safety protocol is said to incorporate air cushions, LED lights installed on window sills, vibrations and horn warning, as reported by Engadget. Jaguar also added a feature that enables the accelerator pedal to vibrate in order to warn the driver to slow down.  

The theory is that drivers respond more effectively to haptic feedbacks rather than sounds and lights alone, USA Today reported. Incorporating the three will give drivers a greater sense of the cars direction and location with regards to its surroundings.  

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 700 bicycle and bike drivers are killed every year due to car collision accidents. The agency also added that more than two percent of all the traffic accidents can be accounted to bicyclist.

Safety protocols similar to the Bike Sense are also developed by other car manufacturer in order to prevent accidents. Jaguar Land Rover has not yet commented on when they are planning to release its new technology.