• "Mojin - The Lost Legend" stars Huang Bo, Shu Qi and Angelababy.

"Mojin - The Lost Legend" stars Huang Bo, Shu Qi and Angelababy. (Photo : Wikipedia)

Fantasy action film "Mojin - The Lost Legend" earned another $53 million over the week, while Chen Sicheng's comedy-mystery "Detective Chinatown" won the first weekend of 2016 with a $43.6 million gross in the Chines box office, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

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The total gross of "Mojin" after three weeks is $234 million.

Local films took advantage of their cinema time before "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" shows in Chinese theaters on Jan. 9.

"Mr. Six" is another film with a successful performance at the Chinese box-office, grossing $34.49 million, leading some to believe that the film's display of Beijing's social changes has made people nostalgic.

From Dec. 28 Jan. 3, "Mr. Six" topped charts, earning $68.5 million. This brought its 11-day gross to $108.45 million as of Sunday.

"Mr. Six" was produced by Huayi Brothers and premiered at the Toronto and Venice film festivals, where it was praised by critics.

"Detective Chinatown," which premiered on Wednesday, Dec. 30, came in second during the same week with $66.51 million.

Third for the week was "Mojin," which grossed $52.80 million, reaching $242.51 million after 17 days. By the end of 2015, the film had already grossed $210.21 million, earning it the distinction as the seventh biggest film of 2015 in China.

"Devil and Angel," Deng Chao's comedy, continued to drop from the charts, falling from second to fourth for the week. The film grossed $79.27 million for the first four days of last week, but it has since been the victim of bad word of mouth.

Comedy "Heart for Heaven" grossed $11.7 million after four days, garnering fifth place in the Chinese box office.

Animated film "Little Door Gods" grossed $10.62 million from Friday to Sunday, earning it sixth place.

Family film "Everybody's Fine" grossed $3.71 million on the first weekend, ranking seventh.