Google could make Daydream VR headsets as Cardboard successor: Report

| May 21, 2016 11:30 PM EDT

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Google announced its new Daydream virtual reality platform at the I/O developer conference earlier this week. It shared that it would release technical specs to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for Daydream smartphones, and reference designs so OEMs could build VR headsets and controllers. The Alphabet company will also reportedly build a VR headset and possibly a controller that follow the Google Cardboard VR headset.

A report from Recode and Google's VR head Clay Bavor have confirmed that Google will manufacture its own VR viewer, according to Android Police. It not just team up with other companies to provide reference designs.   

This would likely be the same situation as Cardboard. The search giant produces its own VR devices but also provides hobbyists with DIY instructions, and partners with companies that sell their own Cardboard designs.

This would be good news for Nexus fans who want to avoid buying accessories from other companies. The Google headset will likely go on sale at the Google Store. However, there are no details about when that would be or price points.

Google could have unveiled a Daydream VR headset at I/O 2016. However, it decided to also feature third-party partners for headset and controller reference designs.

Many VR fans hoped that the company would introduce a Daydream viewer at I/O but there are some possible reasons why it did not take that action.

It is possible that Google wants to roll out a new VR headset with a Daydream-ready Nexus phone, according to Tech Radar. Google is reportedly working on the next Nexus smartphone that could be launched later this year. It might be Daydream-ready.

The company could also be making a similar move as for the Gear VR launch. Samsung and Oculus gave developers time to build VR software including games and movies before the VR device launched.

The same approach would give Google the ability to build a solid foundation in the VR market. In the process it could also expand the Android ecosystem.

Another potentiality is that Google wants to build a better VR headset than its partners. Introducing a device too early could disappoint consumers who want a better VR experience.

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