Suicide Try Leaves Korean Actor Kim Sung Min Comatose

| Jun 24, 2016 08:22 AM EDT

While South Korean Hallyu stars Song Joong-ki and Son Hye Kyo are enjoying immense popularity in their country and China, some of their fellow actors are in deep trouble.

Two of them, former EXO member Kris and Kim Hyun Joong, are having ex-girlfriend problems that resulted in lawsuits. On Friday, “Miss Mermaid” star Kim Sung Min attempted suicide by hanging himself in the bathroom using a necktie, reported AllKpop.

However, the suicide try failed and the 43-year-old actor was rushed to a hospital but he is in a comatose state with only his pulse beating. The suicide was preceded by a fight between Kim Sung Min and his wife, dentist Lee Han-na, fighting with the actor beating his wife which led their son to seek help from the police.

But when the police arrived, Lee Han-na said it was only a minor argument, and the mother and son left to spend the night at her parent’s house. Ten minutes after the police, the wife called and warned them of the actor’s suicidal tendency which he shares whenever he is drunk. She added that during their argument, he asked to separate from her which worried the woman that he might make good his threat to take his own life.

The police returned to Kim Sung Min’s house and found him hanging in his bathroom.

Kim Sung Min was launched to stardom in 2002 through the hit TV drama “Miss Mermaid.” Born Kim Sung-taek, he used the stage name Kim Sung Min because viewers from Taiwan and the Philippines found it hard to pronounce his real name.

His career continued until 2010 when he appeared in a period drama, “The Reputable Family.” However, toward the end of the year, Kim Sung Min and other celebrities were arrested in a drug scandal wherein the actor admitted during police interrogation using habitually marijuana and methamphetamine.

In January 2011, he was sentenced to four years prison term, reduced to 30 months, but the actor was fined almost 1 million won. In March the same year, he was released from a prison in Gyeonggi Province and returned to acting in 2012 in “Can We Get Married?”

He was arrested again in March 2015 for drugs, sentenced to 10 months in prison and fined 700,000 won.

Soompi reported that Kim Sung Min remains unconscious and is dependent on a ventilator. According to doctors, the actor is in a critical condition and has low chances of recovery. They will continue to monitor his progress for the next two to three days.

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