Xbox exec criticizes expensive PC rigs, Xbox Scorpio to provide 'true 4K gaming'

| Jun 24, 2016 11:16 PM EDT

The Xbox One Elite, not the Xbox Scorpio or Xbox Two, is shown in the image

Microsoft is slowly ramping up their marketing for the Xbox Scorpio as they address the console concerns and try to criticize expensive PC gaming rigs for 4K gaming.

The Xbox Scorpio will be going against the PlayStation Neo from Sony and the Nintendo NX, but they seem to be picking a fight with the PC gaming industry. Both the Neo and the Scorpio are expected to bring 4K games in the living room with smooth framerates.

Microsoft and Sony have already confirmed the existence of the two consoles but no further details have been revealed yet. The Redmond-based company is boasting that their new upgraded Xbox One will feature 6 TFLOPs of power which they believe is the required amount for "true 4K gaming."

Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg told Gamertag Radio that their Xbox Scorpio will provide 4K gaming without the need for investing "thousands of dollars" for a high end PC, WinBeta has learned. They do not seem to address the fact that the investment from PC gamers are for future-proofing their rigs so that they will not be left behind when video game developers decide to push the boundaries even further.

In addition, the new GTX 1080 from NVIDIA delivers nearly 9 TFLOPs of floating point performance which could last several more years compared to the 6TFLOPs that Microsoft is boasting. Some 4K games even fail to run at a smooth 60 frames per second on the card and they expect their new console to run "true 4K gaming?"

Another concern was that the Xbox One would be left behind with less games because of the new console. Xbox Head of Operations Dave McCarthy assured players that there will be no console generational boundaries as controllers and games from the current console will be compatible with the Xbox Scorpio, GameSpot reported.

They are also boasting their new Xbox Play Anywhere feature that would allow PC gamers to play their Xbox One games. McCarthy explained that they aim to help developers reach every kind of gamer.

Microsoft will still reveal new details about the Xbox Scorpio before its release date sometime in 2017. The PlayStation Neo is expected to be rolled out first later this year.

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