PS4 Neo updates: 5.5 teraflops computing power is just a rumor, says Jim Ryan

| Jun 27, 2016 08:56 AM EDT

PlayStation 4K or PS4 Neo specs is a lot more powerful than the PS4.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan revealed in an interview that if they already have final specifications for the PlayStation Neo, it would be a lengthy and detailed discussion with an announcement being initiated by the company. He also said that he would just be repeating the rumors regarding the 6 teraflops computing power of the upcoming console and its two teraflops difference with its rival.

During his interview, Ryan discussed more about the other rumors and issues surrounding PlayStation Neo. He explained the reason why Sony decided to confirm the said console just before E3. He said that they wanted to clarify the situation of Neo as many rumors have already surrounded it, JeuxVideo reported.

It can be recalled that a few weeks before E3 commenced, rumors that a PlayStation Neo unveiling will take place during the event. But according to Ryan, they already had a clear vision of what to showcase during the conference, and those were their games. He also admitted it was too early for the console to be launched by that time, adding that it should also include the console's applications and advantages.

In the same interview, he also denied that the existence of future games exclusive for PlayStation Neo. He mentioned that the company's future objective is to expand and enlarge their PS4 base.

Regarding the rumor of PS4 Neo's computing power, one of the most popular speculations came for a discussion at NeoGaf which was initiated by a user named Osirisblack. He suggests that the machine would be running in 5.5 teraflops, contrary to the first rumor of only 4.1 teraflops, Game on Daily reported.

The same report added that there are additional factors that come with Neo's final specs. One of this is price, which may affect the console the console specifications. The higher the specifications, the higher its price would be.

Since Microsoft already revealed details about their Project Scorpio, Sony may still be able to adjust any limitations they may face that will contribute to their advantage. It is expected that the company will be sharing more information in the upcoming Gamescom Conference in Germany in August.

For other rumors surrounding PS4 Neo's specs, watch the video clip below.

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