Sony revealing PlayStation Neo, PS4 Slim at Tokyo Game Show 2016 in September

| Jun 29, 2016 10:45 PM EDT

Andrew House, President and Group CEO Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., holds up a Playstation 4, not the PlayStation NEO 4K

Sony has not revealed the PlayStation Neo release date yet but new reports now claim that a PlayStation 4 Slim will also be released this year, following Microsoft's announcement of an Xbox One Slim version.

The two console giants have announced their new and upcoming upgraded consoles in the past few weeks but with little to show for them. Sony has their PlayStation Neo and Microsoft unveiled their Xbox Scorpio slated for release next year.

Several reports from the past few months have claimed that the Playstation Neo will be released by September or October. The information came from a reliable French video games distributor who later retracted their statement probably in fears of breaching a non-disclosure agreement with Sony.

Now, Sony is reportedly planning to release two new consoles in their PS4 lineup. One Sony analyst claimed that the PlayStation Neo will be joined with a PlayStation 4 Slim which will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show in September, PlayStation Universe has learned.

Microsoft has also announced an Xbox One S version that will be released. The two seem to be playing chess with their announcements considering that they announced the Xbox Scorpio only after the PS Neo was confirmed by Sony and now the latter is planning to launch a PS4 Slim version after the Redmond-based company announced their Xbox One S version.

EA Global Publishing Chief Laura Miele told Gamesindustry.biz in an interview that the PlayStation Neo and the Xbox Scorpio will extend the console cycles without forcing players to upgrade, Forbes reported. Both companies have already confirmed that the titles for the new consoles would be just the same as their current console counterparts.

What made the PlayStation Neo and the Xbox Scorpio particularly interesting and controversial is that both companies claim that they will be able to handle 4K gaming. They have not yet provided any proof and gamers are now expecting graphics downgrades just to handle the smooth framerates at 4K.

Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation Neo and the PlayStation 4 Slim at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016. Meanwhile, Microsoft has not yet announced when the Xbox Scorpio will be unveiled but they are already taking preorders for their Xbox One S.

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