No Marijuana No Cry? Smoking Weed Now Legal In Bob Marley's Native Country Jamaica

| Feb 25, 2015 02:59 PM EST


Those who want to smoke weed legally may now go to Jamaica, as Bob Marley's native country has recently decriminalized marijuana.

While Zendaya recently took to Twitter to educate "Fashion Police" host Giuliana Rancic about people with dreadlocks not smelling like weed, cannabis in small amounts was legalized in Jamaica, in harmony with the international trend in easing marijuana restrictions.

According to the bills passed by Jamaican legislators in the Lower House on Feb. 24, Tuesday, possessing up to 2 ounces of marijuana is a low-level offense that would not result in a criminal record and the cultivation of up to five plants is legal on any premises, Al Jazeera reported.

To supervise regulations on distribution of marijuana for health and science purposes, Jamaica will establish a cannabis licensing authority. For the first time in Jamaica, Rastafarians can also legally use marijuana for religious purposes.

In 2014, a study titled "Couples' Marijuana Use Is Inversely Related to Their Intimate Partner Violence Over the First 9 Years of Marriage" revealed that "there may be an overall inverse association between marijuana use and IPV perpetration in newly married couples, although use may be associated with greater risk of perpetration among women with a history of IPV perpetration."

The study focused on the association between marijuana use and intimate partner violence (IPV). Smoking pot together makes couples less prone to domestic violence since marijuana "may increase positive affect, which in turn could reduce the likelihood of conflict and aggression," the authors concluded.

According to the study, "chronic marijuana users exhibit blunted emotional reaction to threat stimuli, which may also decrease the likelihood of aggressive behavior."

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