Alien discovered on the moon; photographed antenna evidence?

| Sep 14, 2016 05:47 PM EDT

Alien spotted on the moon's surface.

Alien discovery and evidence of their existence are perhaps among the most highly speculated topic in the planet. And with the recently reported unidentified structure photographed on the surface of the moon, various amateur conspiracy theorist and UFO enthusiasts are lead to believe that the world's superpower has been hiding something from humanity since time in memorial.

However, despite the various space missions and improvement of space telescopes, there have been still no concrete and well-accepted evidence of another species thriving outside the planet being published for the general public to view. But things are gradually changing with the improvement in the internet.

And one of the latest reports regarding the matter has been espoused by Mark Sawalha, a UFO hunter based in Finland, who spotted a strange spike in a NASA photo of the lunar surface, according to DailyMail.

Based on the theory of Mr. Sawalha, aliens have been occupying the moon ever since and been using it as their primary source of minerals. But to what purpose, it remains a mystery. This claim of Mr. Sawalha seemed to have been recently complemented with the surfacing photo of what appears to be a foreign structure on the surface of the moon that has been believed to be an extra-terrestrial antenna.

The said antenna has been discovered from the images captured by Google Moon, which was highlighted by a YouTuber named MexicoGeek. The unknown spire is located in an area of the lunar surface between the Rupes Liebig and Rimae Marsenius craters, according to Metro.

But some experts and UFO skeptics believed and quickly debunked the issue, claiming that it is all but a hoax or misinterpretation. It is but a shadow of a hill that has a steep bank or cliff face on the right-hand-side, explained by an author and   UFO enthusiasts.

Up to now, there has still been no clear explanation on what the photographed structure really is. Despite the uncertainty behind the unclear images, some people still believed that it might be an unknown structure or part of their base on the moon, a base which is speculated to be the reason why earth stopped sending a man to the moon.

But such speculation has been continually denied by some institutions like NASA and other international space agencies. Guess we would just have to wait for a more clear and undeniable close encounter with the third kind, so to speak.

Watch here below video of antenna discovery:

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