Stephen Hawking foretells alien invasion; Anunnaki's home planet discovered?

| Sep 27, 2016 09:29 PM EDT

A preview screenshot of Stephen Hawking and some unidentified alien life-forms.

Stephen Hawking has always been interested in the universe and other life forms existing outside our own planet. However, his interest is coupled with caution as he foretells a potential alien incursion possibly happening in the near future.

The great British physicist has been very vocal of his claim of extra-terrestrial existence beyond our reach. That is why has been cautioning the move of humankind to communicate with possible alien species in the vast universe or even multiverse.

According to Hawking, the idea of revealing our presence to other highly technologically advanced civilization in the outer space can be likened to the first encounter of the Native Americans with the group of Christopher Columbus. And "things did not turn out so right," NDTV quoted Hawking as saying.

Hawking also mentioned in his latest online film, "Stephen Hawking's Favourite Places," that man should be wary of the signals that we might pick up from other planets, much more answering those signals. Hawking warned that these other beings might be more powerful than us, considering us as any more valuable as we see the value of a bacteria.

Valuing the warning of Hawking, one might consider this latest and separate report regarding a new planet being discovered by a team of experts from the California Institute of Technology called Planet X, according to Mysterious Earth.

Based on the reports, some individuals claim that Planet X might be the famous Nibiru and the link to the Anunnaki. The concept and interest for this lost planet and its inhabitants was emphasized in a book written in 1976 entitled as "The 12th Planet." The book introduced the idea that ancient Sumerian and Babylonian cultures had left some hints of an arrival of a mystic and powerful civilization that came from planet Nibiru.

However, some experts including NASA were quick to debunk the new theory of Planet X being Nibiru, the home of the Anunnaki. In a statement obtained by Mysterious Earth, Harold Levinson from the Southwest Research Institute said, "It is scientifically impossible the Sumerians knew anything about this object, or that anything could have lived there."

Now with regards to the claim of the existence of a new planet allegedly beyond Pluto, theorists, and experts are still in conflict about its nature and existence. But regardless of all the contradictions and conceptions about this planet, caution should be exercised before attempting to communicate or delve deeper into the realm of either Planet X or of the Anunnaki. We have Stephen Hawking who already warned us of the unfavorable possibilities ahead.

Watch here below the British physicist documentary about alien existence:

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