Mexican Volcano Ash Yields Face of Alien

| Nov 07, 2016 07:14 AM EST

Mexico Alert for Popocatepetl Volcano Activity

A live stream recording of the Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico on Saturday shows a face forming from the ash cloud. The cloud appears to have an eye, nose and mouth as if looking up towards the sky.

The unusual appearance of the cloud is more proof of alien activity and the presence of an underground base beneath the most active volcano in Mexico, Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily blog said, Dailystar reported.

He explained that clouds could easily be manipulated by powerful alien thoughts. “This is not randomness, this is the deep thought of an alien in the base 4km below this volcano.” Waring said his group has observed and recorded hundreds of UFOs coming from the mouth of Popocatpetl.

(Photo : Webcamsdemexico.com) The cloud appears to have an eye, nose and mouth as if looking up towards the sky.

Waring cited as one of the sightings a blue UFO orb spotted flying as the volcano spewed ash. Besides the blue orb, there is also footage of a strange object flying around the Mexican volcano in the same week that Popocateptl erupted in April 2016.

In mid-October, streetcap1 uploaded on YouTube a video of silvery orb flying away from the volcano while it was spewing ash. The footage is believed to have come from a live stream recording of Popocatepetl, according to Dailystar.

The video has caused alarm among UFO believers that the volcano could explode again. Waring pointed out that the UFO was seen moving over the volcano’s mouth. He added that there is belief among Mexicans that several ancient volcanoes in the country hide underground bases for aliens. The volcanoes have exits in the mouth but when the volcano is active, the ships exit through its side.

In August, the volcano erupted and spewed lave, rocks and ash 2,000 meters in the air. It led Mexico’s National Centre for Disaster Prevention to put up a 12-kilometer safety zone.

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