Good News for Foreign Master's Degree Holders: No Need for Experience to Work in China

| Jan 18, 2017 08:15 AM EST

Foreign graduates with a Master’s Degree, even without work experience, are already eligible to apply for a working visa in China.

China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently announced a change in the qualification for international graduates to work in the country. Foreign graduates with a Master's Degree are already eligible to apply for a working visa right after graduation.

China has lifted its previous requirement of at least two years of work experience after graduation, at least to the Master's Degree holders.

This exemption for Master's Degree holders is an upgrade to the policy way back in 2015 which allowed master's or higher degree graduates from Shanghai universities who seek a job in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone or the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park to immediately apply for a working visa even without prior experience.

The newest policy today extends this privilege to Master's Degree holders from any Chinese university or renowned universities abroad. What qualifications for a foreign university to be included in the "renowned" list are not yet clear.

This move by China is in line with the country's effort to attract international talents and experts.

In early 2016, Shanghaiist reported that China plans to ease its visa policies for qualified foreigners who wish for a permanent residence in the country.

The kinds of employment that allow foreigners to apply for a permanent residence in China are those in national laboratories, state-accredited and high-technology companies, research and development institutes with international funding and engineering research firms.

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