Should Parents Meddle with Their Children’s Love Lives?

| Feb 14, 2017 07:33 AM EST

It’s not uncommon for Chinese parents to set up their children on blind dates with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s not uncommon for Chinese parents to set up their children on blind dates with potential boyfriends and girlfriends. The question remains, however: should parents even meddle with their children’s romantic status and relationships? China Daily asked forum readers about their opinions.

For some people, parents arranging dates for their children is harmless as long as the child is open to the idea.

“At times it works out and a happy ending follows. Many young people cannot find a partner because of their narrow life circle,” shared linda_sun from China. “The fast-paced life between home and the workplace make them barely have a chance to meet [people of] the opposite sex.”

Forum reader markwu from Malaysia agrees, saying that parents only want what is best for their children. According to markwu, it’s still entirely dependent on the child whether or not he or she will abide by the parents’ wishes.

“See the arrangement as only parental love and concern to test fate one last time by applying what they think they know is best for their children to pull in the candidates whom they think make a match,” markwu wrote.

Some people, however, think that parents should let their adult children figure out their romantic relationships and encounters on their own. Dabbling on their children’s affairs can only result to fights within the family.

“Parents should [in my honest opinion] pull their horns in and let their kids find their own partner if that’s what they want, or remain single. After all, it’s the children’s life, not theirs,” shared Ratfink from Australia.

The fact remains that, although some parents only mean well, adult children should be allowed to decide for themselves who or when to date, or whether they even want to be in a relationship. Parents are free to gently nudge their children to go on a date with someone, but they should never force their child to go on an arranged date when it’s absolutely against their will.

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