Nintendo Switch news & updates: Leaked video showcases stolen console’s system menus, OS: Nintendo

| Feb 19, 2017 05:47 PM EST

Nintendo revealed that a leaked video of the OS and system menus of Nintendo Switch included a stolen console

Nintendo Switch was featured in a leaked video showing its system menus and operating system that appeared on the web on Feb. 15, Wednesday. Nintendo has now reported the gaming console that appears in the video was stolen from a United States distributor of the new system. This news controverted the video maker's original incorrect claim that the device in the clip had been pre-ordered.

Nintendo explained the video's status to IGN. In fact, the creator of the leaked video had also taken back the claim that the system in the online clip had been pre-ordered.

The video's creators had stated they purchased a small number of Nintendo Switch units from a certain retailer. Nintendo shared that the event is being investigated by law enforcement authorities, according to The Verge.    

GAF user hiphoptherobot wrote on the message board that he had shipped the Switch console back to Nintendo. He shared it was two days after unboxing the soon-to-be-released hybrid system.

Other GAF posters guessed Nintendo had forced hiphoptherobot to return the console. He verified later that the console was truly stolen but claimed he had not known that fact.  

The video was an interesting one. That is because Nintendo has provided few details about the home/portable system. The video included details such as the 32GB models only have 25.9GB of free storage space.

In related news, it is unknown if Nintendo Switch will be released with a Virtual Console (VC). The new video game system's release date is March 3.

It is unknown if Nintendo fans' VC and Wii U eShop purchases will also work on the Switch console, according to Polygon.  It is possible they will have to be repurchased as consumers did when buying the Wii U after the Wii.

Nintendo has a history of taking steps to protect its big library of classic games. Gamers would dislike repurchasing their favorite VC titles. Xbox owners, meanwhile, got select Xbox 360 titles when the old-school games became compatible with the Xbox One.  

Nintendo also showed off the system's user interface at the Switch reveal event. The clip was three seconds long. In terms of the console's functionality the Japanese company has only revealed it plays games.

Here's a Nintendo Switch hardware overview:

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