‘Breath of the Wild’: Nintendo makes small, fundamental changes to new Zelda game

| Feb 26, 2017 09:32 AM EST

Nintendo’s new Zelda game ‘Breath of the Wild’ for the Switch console includes major changes to the game’s structure

Nintendo has changed the Zelda series' basic structure for the new title "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." The new game will launch to the Switch and Wii U consoles on March 3, Friday.  Its new tweaks could be a microcosm of major changes the gaming giant is making to the three-decade-old franchise launched in 1986 for the NES console.

Nintendo is listening to Zelda fans. They have been asking for big changes to the series for a long time, and here are some that will be featured in the latest title:

1. No heart pieces

The heart pieces were one of easiest items to collect in other Zelda games. In the latest Zelda title players instead try to upgrade their heart containers or stamina during the game.

2. Few rupees are seen

In other Zelda games rupees were located everywhere. Gamers could get them for tasks such as exploring the world and smashing pots. Wallet upgrades were actually required to hold more rupees.

Rupees are still needed in the new Zelda game. The difference is that players usually do not get money by searching for it. They get rupees by doing things in the world of Hyrule like making fried steak and seafood to sell.

3. Busier heads-up display

Nintendo has provided gamers with a lot of info via the heads-up display (HUD) in past Zelda games. It showed items including weapons, hearts, and magic. "Breath of the Wild" has a busier HUD that includes items such as radar, decibel meter, and thermometer, according to VentureBeat.   

4. Players cannot name their characters

In "Legend of Zelda" for NES gamers could name their character anything they wanted. The goal was to build a connection with Link. In "Breath of the Wild," however, the Nintendo Switch profile can receive any name but the character itself cannot be named.

5. Much less music

Music is a big part of past Zelda games. A theme song would play on loop during  "A Link to the Past" for Super Nintendo. In the newest title featuring Link, however, there are large parts of the game that have no music.

Since "The Legend of Zelda" for NES the series' games have become much easier. On the other hand, "Breath of the Wild" is a challenging and interesting game that was developed to sell Switch consoles, according to Engadget.  

Here are some tricks for "Breath of the Wild": 

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