LG G6 Confirmed for March 10 Release Date: 8 Things to Love About

| Feb 27, 2017 09:04 PM EST

An image of the alleged LG G6 that is currently making rounds online.

The LG G6, as rumored, was outed via the MWC 2017 and the device proved a huge leap from the disappointing LG G5. Release date will commence March 10, reports said, and so far Android fans have eight things to love about the new flagship toy.

Nougat and Google Assistant out of the box

LG said the G6 is Nougat 7.0 sweetened right out of the box and that also means that Google Assistant will be part of package, all the more making the Android flagship a truly desirable item.

Beautiful and durable

Flagship these days mean a device must be wrapped in metal and glass, and that exactly is the LG G6. While managing to exude gorgeousness with glass nearly dominating its casing, the G6 is durable at the same time. LG said the rounded corners of the G6 will offer protection to the screen, making it less vulnerable to cracks during accidental drops.

Also, the device will be available in black and silver finishes that both scream of utmost premium feature.

Dual camera

It is the era of exceptional camera smartphone and the LG G6 is certainly part of the league with its shooting system of 13MP on rear and 5MP on front. The former is a dual-camera setup that Business Insider said "has a wider 125-degree angle than the regular 71-degree camera."

But how exactly the G6 will perform in a shootout against the biggies such as the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 remains to be seen.

Audio jack

There is one thing on the LG G6 that users hate about on the iPhone 7 - the 3.5mm audio jack. Yes, the Android device is still able to accommodate the wired listening accessories invested on by millions of smartphone users, who at the same time are music lovers.

Water and dust protection

Like the GS7, the LG G6 is IP68-certified, which means the latter is protected from dust and liquid intrusions. The G6 can take a plunge on water with depths of five feet for up to 30 minutes, making it a little better than the iPhone 7, which can only three feet underwater at around the same length of time.

Quick and wireless charging

Juicing up the LG G6 should be pretty quick thanks to the USB-C port that the device came with. The same feature also means that fast data transfer is part of the package. And wireless charging is in the convenient menu too.

Relatively cheaper

BGR reported that LG has confirmed the LG G6 will retail starting at around $800, which for many is definitely pricy. But when compared with the iPhone 8 (rumored to start at over $1000) and the Galaxy S8 (said to start selling at $900 or more) price tags, the G6 will come out the cheaper option.

Confirmed March 2017 release

It's for sure that the LG G6 will be the first major Android flagship to come out this 2017. LG confirmed that rollout time will commence March 10 in South Korea and key markets will follow shortly, BGR said.

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