‘Alien: Covenant’ poster gives first look at Michael Fassbender’s Walter – More details hinted about the character

| Apr 15, 2017 11:55 PM EDT

Michael Fassbender attends the EE British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Opera House on February 14, 2016 in London, England.

Michael Fassbender played the smart antagonist David in the 2012 "Prometheus." He will be back in "Alien: Covenant," but this time, he's playing two androids. Aside from David, Fassbender will introduce Walter, a next-generation android that doesn't have the same human qualities that David has.

A newly released "Alien: Covenant" poster shows Fassbender as Walter, who still pretty much looks like David but more emotionless. Unlike David, Walter is expected to be stripped of human qualities and his sole purpose is to serve the Covenant ship and assist its crew members.

In an interview with Collider, Fassbender described Walter as "very straightforward, logical synthetic." The reason why Walter does not have the same human qualities as David is because it is exactly those qualities that made David a dangerous entity.

"I think he's a very efficient butler/bodyguard/technician. He's just there solely for the ship and the crew, so there's no complications in his programming," Fassbender said about Walter, as quoted by Den of Geek.

But even with Walter in the mix, David will still be a key a player in "Alien: Covenant." In the sophomore film, the movie will show David as having more developed human tendencies and an even greater desire for creation. Fassbender hinted that David will have changed so much since "Prometheus," and that change only leads to more chaotic results.

David and Walter will bump into each other in "Alien: Covenant," and it is presumed that David corrupts Walter's system, presenting a whole new problem to the crew.

Interestingly, a highly debated theory circulates on David and how it is likely he will be revealed as the creator of the Xenomorphs. In the sequel, David will be busy in lab at The Hall of Heads where he's working on genetically-engineered creatures.

In the "Alien: Covenant" trailer, David takes Christopher (Billy Crudup) to a chamber where there are four familiar looking eggs, similar to those in the original "Alien" movie. David then states that in order to complete his experiment, he will need a host-Christopher being the obvious unwilling subject. It is speculated that this very event gave birth to the Neomorphs and later Xenomorphs.

"Alien: Covenant" premieres on May 19.

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