Global Street Art Festival Comes to Aberdeen

| May 07, 2017 09:45 PM EDT

A staff member paints the Graffiti Wall during TNT Animal Kingdom at SXSW 2017 on March 11, 2017 in Austin, Texas.

Around the world we celebrate different kinds of festivals, wherein some are common and are also being celebrated in other countries while others have their own distinct festival they are celebrating. A good example of the latter is the Global Street Art Festival that just happened in Aberdeen recently. If you're an art fanatic, artists, or just an ordinary person who really loves art works, then this is the festival for you. It is a three day celebration of art works, most specifically street art that is most commonly known as graffiti.

In the earlier days, graffiti is done by scribbling or scratching the walls; however, in today's modern era, graffiti is done through spray paint and marker pens. Graffiti is a form of an expression whether it may be a political message or an artistic expression. It is also a representation of the evolution of the hip hop culture, but in some countries, this is related to a gang activity where they use their own form of graffiti to mark their territory.

In the recent Global Street Art Festival, graffiti was mainly used as an art work to beautify the city of Aberdeen - definitely a celebration of talent, art and passion. Aberdeen, which is a city found in Scotland at the northeast coast, has been transformed into a colorful work of art. Some of the best artists in Europe travelled all the way to share their talents and made the city a truly colorful and attractive place to visit.

(Photo : Scott Barbour/Getty Images) People walk past walls adorned with graffiti in Hosier Lane.

We often find tons of graffiti designs on the street walls, building walls and other places. What makes the Global Street Art Festival (also called as the "Nuart Festival") unique are the artists and their different expressions of art. Artists used buildings and walls as their canvas. Their art work is like a bombing science because of its graffiti-like designs, wherein it looked like it came back in the future and gave a nostalgic feeling to those who have seen the art works. Speaking of bombing science, most artists who are into graffiti gets their supplies from Bombing Science supplies shop, which is one of the most trusted and most famous when it comes to providing graffiti pictures and graffiti supplies.

Meanwhile, aside from Aberdeen, countries around the world have also unique artworks of their own. Topping the list of best cities with extra-ordinary graffiti is Bogota, Columbia, followed by New York City. Bogota has an amazing sheer quality and quantity of street art, while New York City's graffiti artists are notable because they are older than the known classical authors. On top 3 of the world's best cities with extra-ordinary graffiti is London UK, where most of the artists who joined the recently-held Global Street Art festival in Aberdeen came from. 

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