‘Big Hero 7’ to begin production soon; Tadashi returns as a villain?

| May 16, 2017 07:30 PM EDT

"Big Hero 6" TV series is reportedly to be released in 2017, but the movie "Big Hero 7" may still not be available at that time.

It has been over three years since Hiro and his inflatable healthcare robot friend Baymax won the audience hearts in the action-packed "Big Hero 6."  Recent reports reveal that Disney is ready to enter the production phase for the sequel, titled "Big Hero 7."

Talk about a "Big Hero 6" follow up has been up in the air for a while, especially after Stan Lee confirmed that the sequel is part of Disney's lineup.

"After 'Ant-Man,' we're going to start playing around with 'Doctor Strange,' the 'Black Panther,' the 'Inhumans,' and then we have to come back for 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2,' 'Big Hero 6,' 'the Avengers,' 'Captain America,'" Lee told Toronto Sun two years ago.

Right now, Disney is focusing on a lot of Marvel properties, including the two-part "Avengers: Infinity War." Nevertheless, it is expected that work on "Big Hero 7" would begin soon as most of the films mentioned by Lee have made it to the big screen.

One of the biggest story arcs that is expected to be explored in the "Big Hero 6" sequel is the return of Tadashi, Hiro's older brother. In recall, Tadashi was presumed to have died in an explosion caused by the villain and his body was never found.

There's a theory that Tadashi will return as the villain Sunfire. In the original Marvel comic books, Sunfire was a member of X-Men for a brief period. His powers include emitting superheated plasma. Tadashi is no longer the same loving brother as he was before. As Sunfire, he has become arrogant and does not work well with people.

It's also likely that there will be a time jump between "Big Hero 6" and "Big Hero 7." Disney is expected to air a "Big Hero 6" series this fall, so the time jump would be necessary to avoid any overlaps in the timeline on the series and the sequel.

"Big Hero 6" producer Roy Conli said that Tadashi's return is just a rumor for now, although he does recognize that Baymax's original creator is "a great character," Screen Rant reported.

So far there is still no official release date for "Big Hero 7."

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