The Most Significant Sports Victories 2017

| Dec 15, 2017 02:02 PM EST

Description: Major sporting events always bring us new winners. Find out who surprised the world of sports in 2017.

Even though 2017 is not quite over yet, from the sporting point of view, it already feels like two years have passed in these 11 months. The main reason we're watching and playing sports is for fun and excitement so that's exactly what the following significant victories and emotional moments in the sports world brought us.

The Super Bowl Shocker

In a match that already looked like it was going to be won by the Atlanta Falcons after taking a massive lead of 28 to 3, the New England Patriots managed a historical sports comeback and secured the Super Bowl trophy. The term historical isn't used just to make the phrase more exciting, this really was the biggest comeback in the recorded history of the Super Bowl. This spectacular sports win was definitely a team effort, but Tom Brady also played a huge role. The luckiest bettors were able to take full advantage of this sports  situation with the help of OddsDigger.

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New England Patriots 

Lewis Hamilton's Fourth F1 Championship Title

After dominating most of the sports season and making everyone believe nothing can change the amazing form he is in, Lewis Hamilton managed to jeopardize his chances by finishing only ninth in the Grand Prix of Mexico. This was the perfect chance for his  sports rival, Sebastian Vettel from Ferrari, to catch up and recover some very precious points. But Hamilton proved everyone that what happened in Mexico was purely a mistake and he didn't allow for such accidents to happen until the end of the sports Championship in Singapore. By winning his fourth title, Lewis Hamilton joined a very select club where he sits alongside Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Juan Manuel Fangio, and even the long-time rival Sebastian Vettel, as the only sports drivers that managed to win the F1 title at least four times.

Mayweather's Win over McGregor

Even though it was speculated that the fight of the century, as it was called in the media, was just about the money and a huge marketing move for both sports fighters, the McGregor vs Mayweather clash definitely managed to enter sports history. After long months of waiting and teasers, the fight was finally announced to take place in August at the Madison Square Center. There, the 40-year-old Mayweather faced the 28-year-old mixed martial arts champion, Connor McGregor. Unfortunately for the latter, the pre-match taunts and media attention is all that he will remember after this fight. Mayweather proved that his sports boxing skills are far superior and managed to win the sports fight without any issues. But what's the difference between winning and losing when you get over 100 million dollars from television rights alone? Not to mention all the sports betting tips that all the bookies offered for this match.

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Mayweather’s Win over McGregor

Simona Halep Became WTA #1

Even though Simona Halep had some very nice sports games in 2016, playing some Grand Slam finals, she never managed to win and it seemed like she was banned from reaching the number one spot. But in 2017, her luck definitely changed and after she dramatically lost 2 chances to get the number one spot in Grand Slam finals, the most recent one lost to sports star Jelena Ostapenko, she became world number one after becoming the sports winner of the semi-final against the same tennis player.

So, there you have it! Some of the major sports events that took place in 2017 so far that made the headlines of every newspaper and online sports publication. If you were impressed by other sporting events that happened this year so far, share with us in the comment section below.

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