China Ends Stellar Performance at IAAF World Championships with Two More Medals on Final Day

| Sep 02, 2015 07:18 AM EDT

Lyu HuiHui took home a silver for women's javelin throw during the last day of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics.

China took home an additional two medals during the final day of competition at the 2015 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships in Athletics held at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing.

On Sunday, Zhang Guowei won the silver for the men's high jump, and Lyu Huihui took home the silver for women's javelin throw. The two won their medals at roughly the same time, competing at opposite ends of the stadium, reportedly sending the entire audience into frenzy.

Zhang cleared 2.33 meters, tying him with Ukrainian Bohdan Bondarenko. Zhang lost the gold to Canadian Derek Drouin, who cleared 2.34 meters.

This marked China's first high jump medal since Zhu Jianhua took home the bronze at the 1983 World Championships.

Lyu set an Asian record with a throw of 66.13 meters.

"It felt great," Lyu said. "It's my first time to be competing on my own doorstep. There were so many in the crowd supporting me."

China's performance on Sunday capped an already successful run at the IAAF World Championships over the week.

Wang Zhen took home the silver for the men's 20-kilometer walk.

The team composed of Mo Youxue, Xie Zhenye, Su Bingtian and Zhang Peimeng won the silver for the men's 4x100-meter relay.

Wang Jianan took home China's only bronze for the men's long jump.

Liu Hong and Lv Xiuzhi took home the gold and silver medal, respectively, for the women's 20-kilometer walk. Liu took home China's sole gold medal.

Gong Lijiao took home the silver for women's shotput.

Zhang Wenxiu won the silver for women's hammer throw.

"We won medals across the disciplines. It's a first for us in a world-class event," said director of the Chinese Athletics Association Du Zhaocai.

In total, China took home one gold, seven silver and one bronze, ranking 11th overall.

Kenya was the top-ranked nation with a total of 16 medals, including seven gold, six silver and three bronze. This was Kenya's first time topping the competition.

A total of 206 IAAF member countries and territories took part in the World Championships, with Kosovo making its debut in the competition. South Sudan was also supposed to participate for the first time, but its sole delegate did not make an appearance.

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