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Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car
China’s NEV Policies Pushed Toyota’s Reversal on Hydrogen-Powered Hybrid Cars

China’s policies on new energy vehicles (NEV) have compelled Toyota to reverse its plan to introduce its own hybrid and hydrogen cars to China but instead will sell plug-in electric hybrid cars next year and an all-electric battery car in the future, Business Insider reported.

Cosmetics Store in Hong Kong
Big Cosmetics Firms Confused About China’s Requirement to Test Products on Animals

Several companies selling imported cosmetics and skincare products, especially foreign brands, are confused about the Chinese government’s requirements to have their products tested on animals.

The Rising Middle Class and E-Commerce
China’s Rising Middle Class Drives Chinese E-Commerce Growth

China has become the largest e-commerce market in the world, with the middle-income consumers as the sector’s emerging market.

Longchamp Luxury Fashion House
France's Longchamp Targets China Luxury Market for Its Expansion

French luxury fashion house Longchamp intends to open more stores in China, aiming to expand its presence.

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Australian PM's Visit to India
Australia’s Relationship with China More Beneficial Than with India: Expert

Australia is getting more from its relationship with China than with India, according to James Laurenceson, professor and deputy director of the Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology in Sydney.

Alipay Creates a Merger with HelloPay
China’s Alipay Will Soon Be Enjoyed by Other Asian Mobile Payment Users

Alibaba’s Alipay plans to expand its business to more Asian mobile payment users through a merger with Lazada’s HelloPay.

Japan's Bid for TPP Leadership
Japan Gets Chance to Wrestle Trade Leadership from China in Reformulated TPP

Following the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Japanese leaders have found a way to gain greater dominance than China through a reformulated Pacific Rim trade liberalization pact, Forbes reported.

IMF on Global Financial Stability
IMF Raises China's Economic Growth Forecast for 2017, 2018

Due to the strong momentum of the Chinese economy last year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has raised its growth forecast for China’s economy in the next two years, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Alibaba's Jack Ma is leading the company in its campaign against counterfeit products.
Alibaba Continues Fight Against Counterfeits, Takes Down Fake Cigarette Tax Stamp Ads

Alibaba is continuing its intensified efforts to crack down on counterfeits. In a recent move, the e-commerce firm has taken down fake cigarette tax stamp ads that appear on its websites.

Australian Stock Exchange
China’s Positive Economic Data Boost ASX As Investors Ignore North Korea Tension

Positive figures from China’s economic data may help boost the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), although commodities are expected to open at a low level, the Australian Financial Review said.

British Breakfast Cereal Weetabix
British Breakfast Cereal Chucked Out After Chinese Consumers Disliked Its Odd Taste

China’s Bright Food gave up Weetabix after the British breakfast cereal failed to satisfy the taste of Chinese consumers.

Petroleum Refinery in China
Competition Intensifies in China’s Growing Oil Market as More Suppliers Join

China’s oil market is attracting more suppliers vying to get a share in the growing market, as OPEC’s decision to cut production has opened doors for other suppliers to join in and compete.

Capital Ouflows
China’s Treasury Holdings Increase in February: US Treasury Data

The latest data from the U.S. Treasury Department showed on Monday, April 17, that China increased its U.S. Treasury securities stocks in February, after reducing it to $7.3 billion in the previous month.

Silk Road European Routes
Alibaba Eyes Silk Road European Routes for Its Expansion

E-commerce giant Alibaba is looking into the Silk Road European routes for warehouse locations, aiming to expand its business in the region.

China's Startups
China's Startups Begin Overseas Expansion as Part of 'Going Out' Movement

China’s startups have started to come out to expand overseas in the new phase of the Going Out Movement, a plan initiated by China in the late 1990s aimed at encouraging companies to go abroad to raise outbound investments.

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