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Coca-Cola Opens Its 44th Plant in China
Coca-Cola Opens Its Largest Bottling Plant in Central China

Beverage giant Coca-Cola announced that its biggest bottling plant in China has begun its operations in Hunan Province.

U.S Treasury Bills as Collateral
How the US May Negotiate Its $1 Trillion Debt to China

The U.S. owes China more than $1 trillion in treasury bonds, but it was not reason enough to trigger a trade war which the two countries believed would be disastrous to both of them.

KFC Bans Human Antibiotics in Chicken
KFC to Cut Use of Antibiotics in Chickens Supplied to US Outlets

Popular fast food chain KFC plans to cut the use of antibiotics in the chickens purchased for its U.S. stores.

Goldman Sachs Forecast
Goldman Sachs Forecasts Growth of Chinese Economy

Goldman Sachs forecasts a 6.8 percent growth of Chinese economy in the first quarter of 2017.

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Macau Casino Melco Crown
Industries in China’s Anti-Corruption Drive Make a Comeback as Casino, Premium Liquor Stocks Rise

Once targeted by China’s anti-corruption policy, industries engaged in casino operation, manufacture of expensive liquors and importation of luxury watches have all returned to business in China, according to a Bloomberg report.

COSCO Opens a New Regional Service for North Europe and the Mediterranean
China’s COSCO Launches New Service in Northern Europe-Mediterranean Region

On Sunday, China’s COSCO Shipping Lines launched a new regional service of container shipping for Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Terrestrial photovoltaic power project built in Yantai
China’s Global Solar Business Shakes Foreign Competitors

China’s relentless pursuit to become self-dependent on sophisticated industries, such as solar panel systems, have left foreign competitors and even smaller-scale Chinese businesses in the dust, an article by Today Online reported.

Hong Kong is widely accepted as the most expensive city in the world to live.
Mainland Developers Drive Up Hong Kong Property Prices

Incoming Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam’s promises to make property prices more affordable could end up unfulfilled as mainland Chinese developers continue to bid up property values, the Straits Times reported.

Starbucks is one of the U.S. companies benefiting from China's new economy, with sales in the country reaching 6 percent last year.
As Economy Revamps, US Companies Cash In on China

As China’s economic transformation shifts growth from the industrial to the service sector, U.S. companies are seeking new avenues for growth in the country.

The Cottage Inn Pizza logo.
Cottage Inn Pizza to Expand in China

U.S. gourmet restaurant Cottage Inn Pizza has announced plans for expansion into new locations in China in a bid to bite off a bigger slice of the Chinese market.

Embraer's Ambassador and Famous Customer Jackie Chan
China Business Aviation Market to Grow as Chinese Billionaires Increase: Brazilian Business Jet Maker Embraer

Embraer Executive Jets (EEJ), a Brazilian business jet manufacturer, is expecting continued growth in the country’s executive aviation market as the country’s billionaires, who are its potential customers, increase in number.

Alibaba's Jack Ma is leading the company in its campaign against counterfeit products.
Alibaba’s Presence in Australia Boosts Brands’ Efforts to Tap into Chinese Market

The opening of Alibaba’s first official headquarters in Melbourne early this year is expected to boost the efforts of Australian brands in promoting their products to Chinese consumers.

Foshan's Growth
Chinese Cities Can Maximize Growth If Govt Improves Urban Management: Experts

Chinese cities may be able to maximize their growth if the government would manage rapid urbanization well, experts said in an article on

Tencent's Investment on US-Based Tesla to Push China's FDI by $1.7B

The $1.7 billion that China's Tencent Holdings will put in California-based electric car maker Tesla will add to the flood of outbound investment that is hampering China's control of capital flows and ability to maintain capital account restrictions.

Chinese Consumers
Key Reason Why China Wants Its Inflation Rate to Rise

With inflation rate at a low level, China’s central bank is expecting a rise in consumption, which is an indication that consumer demand is rising, a Forbes article said.

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