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A Chinese dairy farmer tends to his cows.
'Innovative Financing' Pulls Down Chinese Dairy Giant

Huishan Dairy is now struggling to keep afloat amid increasing liabilities and a short-term debt squeeze.

The Ancient City of Petra
Petra-Jiayuguan Link Has Been Approved; Sister Cities Expect Tourism Surge

With the signing of the Petra-Jiayuguan link agreement, the sister cities are expecting to attract more tourists.

Shenzhen Visitor to Hong Kong
Crackdown on 'Financial Ants' Smuggling Cash to Hong Kong Starts as China Expands Drive to Curb Capital Outflows

As part of its broader campaign to curb capital outflows, China has started a crackdown on “financial ants,” or individuals who smuggle cash little by little across the border to Hong Kong.

The Capital Economics logo.
Chinese Economy and Currency to Recover But Only Briefly, Says Think Tank

While recent signs point to the Chinese economy and currency stabilizing in the near future, a major market think tank has warned that it may be too early to cheer as there are also indications that growth may slow down and the yuan to come under pressure yet again.

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An employee counts Chinese Yuan bank notes in a Standard Chartered bank branch in Shanghai, China.
IMF Issues Renminbi-Denominated Foreign Exchange Reserves Data for the First Time

For the first time, the IMF issued the COFER data on the renminbi-denominated foreign exchange reserves.

A man orders San Miguel Beer in an event in Hong Kong.
San Miguel Corp. Eyes Stake in Saigon Beer

San Miguel Corp. may bid for Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corp.

A pitcher of Tsingtao Beer
Beer and Noodles Suffer Dip in Sales as Sports Apparels Gain Momentum

Sales of beer, noodles and cinemas are experiencing a dip in China.

Chinese employees working on an energy-saving bulb production line at a lighting factory in Suining, southwest China's Sichuan Province.
Manufacturing Industry Leads the Expansion of China’s Economy

The manufacturing industry leads the growth of China’s economy, with 51.8 PMI reading last month.

Automation and Advanced Manufacturing in China
China’s Economic Miracle Enters Second Phase

China’s rise and transformation from a stagnant economy to a growing market economy in 20 years may be considered an “economic miracle,” considering the size and complexity of the country, according to an article on Forbes.

Chinese children in a fashion show
US Children's Apparel Manufacturer Carter's to Open 200 Stores in China

Carter's Inc. plans to open 200 stores in China by 2022.

Nuclear Plant in Chongqing
Westinghouse Bankruptcy Has No Big Impact on China Nuclear Plans, AP1000 to Be Completed: State Firm

China’s nuclear plans will not be affected by Westinghouse’s bankruptcy filing as both parties have assured that the AP1000 project would be completed as scheduled this year, according to a statement released by China's State Power Investment Corp.

LeEco has been facing financial hurdles as a result of the firm's rapid pace of business growth.
LeEco's New Funding Worth $2.2 Billion to Be Used for Firm's Smart Internet TV, Film Production Subsidiaries

Tech conglomerate LeEco has secured an investment fund worth $2.2 billion. This will be used for the firm's smart Internet TV and film production subsidiaries.

ICBC Chairman Jiang Jianqing (left) and Secretary Hu Hao
China’s Biggest Banks Show Signs of Stabilizing on Bad Loans

After about half a decade of struggling with bad loans, China’s biggest banks have shown signs that their risk-control measures for bad loans are efficient, which allowed them to earn higher-than-expected profits, according to the earnings report filed by the three banks.

China's Carrier Air China Ltd
China's Big 3 Carriers Post Biggest Profit Since 2010 as Market Expansion Continues

China’s “big three” carriers - Air China Ltd., China Eastern Airlines Corp. and China Southern Airlines Co. – reported a combined profit of 16.3 billion yuan ($2.4 billion), the biggest since 2010, according to filings submitted to the exchange on Thursday, March 27, China Daily reported.

China’s Pet Fashion Industry
China’s Pet Fashion Industry Continues to Grow with $17 Million Annual Sales

The pet fashion industry in China continues to grow, looking at annual sales of about $17 million.

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