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Embraer's Ambassador and Famous Customer Jackie Chan
China Business Aviation Market to Grow as Chinese Billionaires Increase: Brazilian Business Jet Maker Embraer

Embraer Executive Jets (EEJ), a Brazilian business jet manufacturer, is expecting continued growth in the country’s executive aviation market as the country’s billionaires, who are its potential customers, increase in number.

Alibaba's Jack Ma is leading the company in its campaign against counterfeit products.
Alibaba’s Presence in Australia Boosts Brands’ Efforts to Tap into Chinese Market

The opening of Alibaba’s first official headquarters in Melbourne early this year is expected to boost the efforts of Australian brands in promoting their products to Chinese consumers.

Foshan's Growth
Chinese Cities Can Maximize Growth If Govt Improves Urban Management: Experts

Chinese cities may be able to maximize their growth if the government would manage rapid urbanization well, experts said in an article on

Tencent's Investment on US-Based Tesla to Push China's FDI by $1.7B

The $1.7 billion that China's Tencent Holdings will put in California-based electric car maker Tesla will add to the flood of outbound investment that is hampering China's control of capital flows and ability to maintain capital account restrictions.

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Chinese Consumers
Key Reason Why China Wants Its Inflation Rate to Rise

With inflation rate at a low level, China’s central bank is expecting a rise in consumption, which is an indication that consumer demand is rising, a Forbes article said.

A worker assembles a Hyundai vehicle.
South Korea's Hyundai and Kia Suffer Sales Drop in China

Hyundai and Kia recorded significant drops in China sales last month due to THAAD row with China.

Alibaba's Presence in Malaysia
Alibaba Prefers Developing E-Commerce in Emerging Markets Rather than Competing in the US

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba prefers to expand and develop e-commerce in nascent markets such as India and South East Asia rather than compete directly with other players in the U.S., according to an article by

China's Pork Consumption
Chinese Commodity Market Will Now Have Pork Index

Pork index has been introduced to China’s commodity market to help mitigate risks of fluctuating pork prices.

Prospective Home Buyers in Beijing
Beijing’s New Measures to Curb Rising Cost in Property Market Emulated by 50 Other Cities

Some Chinese cities have followed the steps taken by Beijing municipal government as it implemented new measures aimed at curbing the rising home prices in the capital, Reuters reported.

ChemChina-Syngenta Merger
ChemChina, Syngenta Agree to Divest US Assets as FTC Condition for Merger

In a move to settle the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that the proposed ChemChina-Syngenta merger would affect competition in U.S. markets, the two companies have agreed to divest three types of pesticides, according to Street Insider.

Farmland pork products, a brand owned by Smithfield Foods Inc, on sale at a supermarket in China.
China Utilizing US Technology in Manufacturing Sausage, Other Cold Cuts

China's WH Group is preparing to build a second Smithfield-branded plant in the next few years.

Investors observe stock market movements at an exchange hall on Jan. 6, 2016, in Beijing, China.
China No Longer Seen as World’s Leading Economy: Survey

After years of convincing the world that it has overtaken the U.S. as the singular dominant economic superpower, China has lost that distinction to its Western rival, according to a survey of 16 countries by the Pew Research Center.

How China’s E-Commerce Will Shape the Future of Commerce

China’s e-commerce may provide some hints on how commerce would be like in the future, where mobile commerce meets social commerce and "entertainmerce," according to an article by Forbes.

Racegoers in the betting shop area at Sandown Park on February 4, 2017 in Esher, England.
Mobile Apps Paves Way To Gambling Apps; Mobile Casino App Sales Continuously Rising

With the rise of mobile gaming, gambling apps are starting to make its mark in the industry.

Houses in Xiongan
Home Prices in Xiongxian Spike Shortly After Declaration as New Special Economic Zone

Xiongxian County, a residential and industrial area previously unknown to many suddenly became a focus of interest for real estate agents and speculators in China’s property market.

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