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Vats of locally made wine called baijiu are seen at a distillery on the Chishui River, on Sept. 23, 2016, in Maotai, Guizhou Province, China.
Premium Baijiu Prices Soar for the Holidays

While baijiu is widely known as one of the expensive Chinese liquors in the market, prices for this drink have soared in some retail stores just before Chinese New Year. Industry insiders share that the sector is yet to fully recover.

The continuing expansion of Chinese businesses in the U.K. and overseas provides the impetus for law firm Yingke's involvement in the global economy.
China’s Yingke Law Firm Takes on Expanding Global Opportunities

Commercial law firm Yingke, considered as among China’s largest law firms, has embarked on a journey to take on international markets with its sharp expertise in providing legal advice. It has since made waves in both the U.K. and European markets through serving clients with vast commercial interests.

China's digital marketing landscape continues to grow, with Innotech Capitals' Ad-Juster acquisition a pivotal move.
China’s Innotech Goes Global with Ad-Juster Takeover

Chinese private equity firm Innotech Capitals purchased advertising automation specialist Ad-Juster. The Shanghai-based investment arm of Innotech International Group sees the takeover as a boost for its plans to go global.

Podcasting has struggled to keep up in China, and there are certain reasons why.
Podcasting in China: Why the Limited Appeal?

Podcasting has long stood out as a popular means of entertainment in the West. But its failure to penetrate China’s more than 500-million-strong smartphone users presents a peculiar set of reasons--all of which point to fundamental differences between the two markets.

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'Resident Evil 7: Biohazard' is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom.
'Resident Evil 7' first week sales reach 2.5 million

Capcom reveals that the "Resident Evil 7" game was able to get 2.5 million copies sold in less than a week after its release.

Fintech companies and banks may use blockchain technology services such as biometric authentication and mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay and AliPay.
Blockchain Provider BitFury Group Gets $30 Million Investment from HK Fintech Company

Blockchain infrastructure provider BitFury Group received $30 million as investment from Hong Kong-listed fintech company Credit China Fintech Holdings which also includes the setting up of a joint venture that will promote blockchain technology in China, CNBC reported.

Young gamers play online games at an Internet bar in Huaibei in Anhui, China.
China’s Jinke Shares Drop After Announcing Plans to Buy Talking Tom Maker Outfit7

The shares of Zhejiang Jinke Entertainment Culture Co. dropped in the Shenzhen market after the company announced plans that it will buy Outfit7, the maker of Talking Tom, in a deal worth at least $1 billion, a Bloomberg report said.

Facilities for pet care in China have spiked in popularity in time for the Lunar New Year.
‘Pet Hotels’ in Demand Among Chinese Pet Owners

As several holidaymakers travel to their hometowns in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations, the need to have someone else take care of their pets have emerged as a growing concern. For many pet owners, sending their beloved buddies to a “pet hotel” stands out as a novel, if not entirely practical, solution.

Chinese consumers are starting to rediscover the joys of buying luxury goods--but this time, only for themselves.
Luxury Shopping in China Shows Signs of Rebounding as Xi’s Austerity Campaign Holds Up

Luxury goods retailers in China can expect sales to rebound this year, as Chinese consumers begin to revive their penchant for purchasing expensive fare in time for the Lunar Year holiday. This time, however, they should expect a different growth trend among Chinese consumers.

Headquarters of PBoC on Beijing financial street.
People's Bank of China Becomes First Central Bank to Issue Own Digital Currency

The People's Bank of China has just successfully completed its trial run of a digital bank acceptance exchange. This makes PBOC the first central bank in the world to issue its own digital currency.

Genichi Tamatsuka (R), CEO of Lawson, and Douglas Feagin (L), senior vice president of Ant Financial Services Group, experience using Alipay at a Lawson convenience store in Tokyo, Japan.
Alipay Now Accepted as Payment at Lawson, Japan's Leading Convenience Store

Alipay, the electronic payments service of China's Ant Financial Services Group, has announced that it will now be accepted at over 13,000 Lawson convenience stores throughout Japan starting Jan. 24.

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets Gabon's President Ali Bongo Ondimba
China Urged to Take Concrete Actions in Opening Its Economy to European Investors

In a press conference held in Beijing on Thursday, European Ambassador to China Hans Dietmar Schweisgut said that China's efforts in keeping an open economy are not sufficient.

Ride-hailing firm Didi faces rap over talent poaching.
Price-Hike Function in Didi Chuxing Platform Ordered Removed by Shanghai Gov't

Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing was ordered to remove the price-hiking function in its platform, following a meeting with the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, China Daily reported.

Pedestrians walk past a large screen showing financial data in Shanghai, on Jan. 4, 2017.
China’s Stimulus Measures Boost Growth but Were Not Sustainable: Fitch Report

China’s stimulus programs may have helped the country meet its growth target but it created stability risks in return, international ratings agency Fitch said a report on Monday, Jan. 23, CNBC reported.

Visitors crowd around a light work during Guangzhou International Light Festival on Nov. 22, 2016, in Guangzhou, one of Guangdong's first-tier cities.
China’s Economic Powerhouse: Guangdong Remains Largest Economy by GDP in 2016

Among 31 provinces and municipalities in mainland China, Guangdong Province in South China is the largest and fastest-growing economy in terms of GDP, which was driven by government efforts to stabilize the economy and the rising housing prices.

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